Jackson Air - Scammed into labor!

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I started looking for a new job and saw the ad on craigslist that said make 15$ a hour.As a single mom only making 9$a hour and struggling to keep up with my bills I thought this job was exactly what I needed.

Before I left my job I went to the orientation to make sure that this job was legit an not a scam. The owner of the company explained during the orientation what I would be doing, I go in the home do the demo and 1 out of 3 times I did this I would walk out with a sale. He said that was the statisics and every one out of three times someone would buy because the Hyla is AMAZING! He also said that even if I did not make a sale as long as I did a minimum of 16 demonstrations and got 50 leads a week I would still get a 625 paycheck a week.

and I thought wow even if I did not sell, I would still make double of what I get at my current job! And he explained that if I did sell, the money I got from my sells were BONUSES on top of the 625$ base pay. He intentionly mislead me. After awhile of working for the company and realized, that doing that many demonstrations a week takes up a lot of time, and you do not have enough time to gather up the leads that you have to get to get the 625 minimum base pay.

I asked everyone that worked there if they had ever gotten the 625 base pay they all said no. I also realized that the money made from selling the hyla is not a bonus, it is the 625 or the money you get from sales not both, and when I began to think maybe I just misunderstood during the orientation, I sat in on another orientation for a new group of employee's, he was telling them the same thing! even wrote it on a white board with a marker to make sure they understood his lie! Another thing he lied to me about, told me that every time you sold a Hyla you made a 400$ commition.

This is also a lie. You can make 50, 200, or 400 a sale. He makes it sound like this is a get rich fast buisness. I understand there is money to be made.

But it is very hard. At my old job I was able to pay my bills with my 9$ an hour, and I loved that job. I left due to the company owners lies and deceit. And by the time I finally gave up, I was broke, behind on my car payment and rent.

I was unable to buy diapers for my one year old son. And did I mention that this job requires you to use your own car and you pay for your own gas. I would not be so angry if I was told the truth from the start. I felt cheated and felt like I was used!!!

I do like the Hyla Vacuum. I think it cleans amazingly, I do wish I had one.

But never ever ever will I work for this company again.I now know what to look for and what to avoid when looking for a job.

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This is the same way Kirby vacuums work. You will never make any money working this kind of "job".


My fiancé and I used to work there also, him as a Sales Rep and me as their Marketing Director.Now I cant get ahold of them for my tax info.

Do you happen to know their number? I know they moved location, but they also changed their number.

lol probably to many ppl recognizing it and not answering haha so they probably had to change it...but if you do know it that would be so awesome!

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Sorry I am just looking at this.didnt think I would get any comments.

No I dont know anything.I was told by a old employee that they closed

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